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Company Introduction

Our Mission: Everfront Biotech Inc. is committed to fulfilling unmet medical needs by developing orphan drugs to treat the world’s most lethal diseases including high grade glioma and pancreatic cancer

Company Introduction

Our Mission: Everfront Biotech Inc. is committed to fulfilling unmet medical needs by developing orphan drugs to treat the world’s most lethal diseases including high grade glioma and pancreatic cancer
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Everfront Biotech Inc. (EFB) was found by the President Ho-Ching Chen and Chairman Dr. Pei-Wen Chou, and invited a group of distinguished researchers to form a research team for new drug discovery and development. This team included Professor Shinn-Zong Lin, the Superintendent of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, Professor Horng-Jyh Harn, the associate vice president of Bioinnovation Center in Tzu Chi foundation, Professor Tzyy-Wen Chiou from Dong-Hua University, and Dr. Tza-Zen Chaung. The establishment of this team marked a new era for the company’s drug discovery and development. 

We are developing small molecules that have the potential to bring safe and effective treatments for the patients with cancers, neuronal degenerative diseases and rare diseases. Our team is specialized in pre-clinical study design, CMC;Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control, IND-submission, and the clinical trial design and conduction.

Up to now, total three clinical trials are performing in Taiwan under the approval of USFDA and TFDA. Besides, five more products are under the pre-clinical status. Progressively, we are devoted in developing the technology that have commercial application potentials to help the people with urgent medical needs.

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Everfront Biotech Holding Company Limited, which was incorporated in September 21, 2022 in the British Virgin Islands, are holding companies.

The Founder of Everfront Biotech Inc. - President Ho-Ching Chen

President Ho-Ching Chen’s upbringing was marked by humble beginnings, as his father worked as a miner but had to stop due to an injury. Being the sixth child in a family of eight siblings, Mr. Chen faced financial challenges and had to work part-time while studying. Despite these hardships, he managed to complete his education at the National Sha-Lu Industrial High School.

In the 1980s, Mr. Chen recognized the potential of the emerging PC industry and established Jumbo Electronics, a motherboard manufacturing company, with two friends as partners. Later, at the age of 38, he ventured to Singapore, where he founded Wei Chen, specializing in precious metal recycling. Utilizing his expertise from Taiwan, he excelled in the Singapore market, realizing that motherboards contained valuable materials like copper and gold, which could be extracted and reused.

With a focus on long-term investments in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, Mr. Chen has established three companies, including Everfront Biotech Inc. Notably, Everfront recently announced a patented targeted drug for malignant brain tumors, obtaining patents in various countries. Its research team includes President Hsinn-Zon Lin, Professor Horng-Jyh Harn, and Professor Tzyy-Wen Chiou, showcasing President Chen’s commitment to innovative healthcare solutions.

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Organization Chart of EFB

Organization Chart of Everfront Biotecch Inc.

At a Glance

Our Adherence to Pharmacoeconomics Principles

Everfront Biotech Inc. is committed to maximizing results by selecting the right targets, fast-tracking drug development process and accelerating market-entry and monetization.

Systematic Strategy

We built a core management team with in-house expertise in new drug development while outsourcing CROs and CMOs to accelerate product development without allocating resources to non-core activities and superfluous manpower and using Phase I/II clinical trials to establish proof of concept and secure global authorizations.

Drugs Selection

We perform in-vitro drug screening to accelerate the selection of lead drug candidates and tumor cell lines using patient-derived cancer cell banks, cancer cell platforms, 3D spheroid drug resting platform and iPSC neuro-degenerative disease model.

Fast Development

We leverage in-vivo animal platforms across models for diseases like orthotopic cancer, subcutaneous cancer, spinocerebellar ataxia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and liver cirrhosis.

Strong IP Portfolio

We aggressively apply for core patents across jurisdictions for our treatments for cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases, pulmonary fibrosis and liver cirrhosis.

Development Pipeline